Kosovo - List of Super Cup Winners

1991/92    uncertain whether held [*1]
1992/93    uncertain whether held [*2]
1993/94  Dukagjini (Klinė)         0-0 Prishtina KF              [5-4 pen]
1994/95  Prishtina KF                  [presumably after defeating Liria (Prizren)]
1995/96  Prishtina KF                  [presumably after defeating Flamurtari (Prishtinė)]
1996/97    not known              [*3]
1997/98    tournament not held
1998/99    tournament not held
1999/00  Gjilani KF                4-1 Prishtina KF
2000/01  Prishtina KF              3-0 Drita (Gjilan)
2001/02  Besiana (Podujevė)                                      [as winners double]
2002/03  KEK-u (Kastriot)              [presumably ater defeating Drita (Gjilan)]
2003/04  Prishtina KF              4-0 Kosova (Prishtinė)  
2004/05  Besa (Pejė)                                             [as winners double]
2005/06  Prishtina KF              3-1 Besa (Pejė)  
2006/07  Besa (Pejė)                   [presumably ater defeating Liria (Prizren)]
2007/08  Prishtina KF              1-0 Vėllaznimi (Gjakovė)
2008/09  Prishtina KF              5-2 Hysi (Podujevė)
2009/10  Trepēa (Mitrovicė)        2-0 Liria (Prizren)           [aet]
2010/11  Hysi (Podujevė)           3-1 Besa (Pejė)      
2011/12  Trepēa'89 (Mitrovicė)     1-0 Prishtina KF 
2012/13  Prishtina KF                                            [as winners double]
2013/14  Llamkos Kosova (Vushtrri) 2-0 Feronikeli (Drenas)    
2014/15  Feronikeli (Drenas)                                     [as winners double]
2015/16  Prishtina KF              2-1 Feronikeli (Drenas)             
2016/17  Trepēa'89 (Mitrovicė)     5-0 Besa (Pejė)      
2017/18  Drita (Gjilan)            2-1 Prishtina KF    
2018/19  Feronikeli (Drenas)                                     [as winners double]
2019/20  Prishtina KF              3-1 Drita (Gjilan) 
2020/21  Llapi (Podujevė)          3-1 Prishtina KF              [aet]

[*1] if a Super Cup was organised in 1992, presumably cup winners Trepēa (Mitrovicė) 
     defeated champions Prishtina KF, who certainly did not win it that year
[*2] if a Super Cup was organised in 1993, it should have been contested by champions
     Trepēa (Mitrovicė) and cup winners Flamurtari (Prishtinė)
[*3] if (as is likely) a Super Cup was organised in 1997, cup winners 2 Korriku (Prishtinė)
     presumably defeated champions Prishtina KF, who certainly did not win it that year

Number of Wins (25 known)

10 Prishtina KF (Prishtinė)  
 2 Besa (Pejė)    
   Feronikeli (Drenas)
   Trepēa'89 (Mitrovicė)  

 1 Besiana (Podujevė)  
   Drita (Gjilan)
   Dukagjini (Klinė)  
   Gjilani KF (Gjilan)   
   Hysi (Podujevė)
   KEK-u (Kastriot)  
   Llamkos Kosova (Vushtrri)
   Llapi (Podujevė)
   Trepēa (Mitrovicė)    

Number of League-and-Cup Doubles (5; all were awarded Super Cups and are included above)

 2 Feronikeli (Drenas)       [2014/15, 2018/19]

 1 Besa (Pejė)               [2004/05]
   Besiana (Podujevė)        [2001/02]
   Prishtina KF (Prishtinė)  [2012/13]

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