Iraq 1948/49

Iraq FA Central League 1948/49

NB: started Nov 5, 1948; contested by clubs from Baghdad

Champions: Kuliya Al-Askariya (Military Academy)

Kas Al-Ittihad (Iraq FA Cup) 1949

NB: contested by 28 teams from all parts of the country selected from the top
    teams in the Liwa leagues and competitions (Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Kirkuk);
    apparently the fourth round was the first beyond regional level and involved:

   Kuliya Al-Askariya (Military Academy) - Baghdad
   Haris Al-Maliki (Royal Guards)  Baghdad
   Al-Minaa (Basra Port) - Basra
   Sharakat Nafat Al-Basra (Basra Petroleum Company) - Basra
   Montakhab Al-Kirkuk (Kirkuk team) - Kirkuk
   Al-Tayour Al-Zarqaa (Birds of Zarqa) - Mosul
Final [Al-Kashafa Stadium, Baghdad]

Sharakat Nafat Al-Basra 2-1 Kuliya Al-Askariya

Goalkeeper:       Potts  England
Right Back:       Arshak Bedroussian
Left Back:        Korken
Central Midfield: Saeed "Joshua" Murad
Right Midfield:   Jabar Hussein
Left Midfield:    Jafar Abid
Outside Right:    Herand Joharian 
Inside Right:     Shaker Ismail
Centre Forward:   Hamed Majid
Inside Left:      Percy Lynsdale
Outside Left:     Nabih Afif
Coach:            Tommy Thomas

Kuliya Al-Askariya:
Mahmoud Alaras, Hassan Sabri, Mohammed Ali, Ibrahim Al-Sheikh, 
Abdul-Wadud Khalil, Sattar Al-Sheikhli, Kelo Hussein, Salih Faraj, 
Shawqi Aboud, Kamal Mohammed Ali, Akram Nashat. 


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