Tournoi de l'Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles 1935

Participants :    Daring Club Bruxelles       (Belgium)
                  AFC Ajax                (Netherlands)
                  SC Feijenoord            (Netherlands)
                  Liersche SK                 (Belgium)
                  Wisła Kraków                 (Poland)
                  FC Sochaux                   (France)
                  Offenbacher FC Kickers      (Germany)
                  SV Chemnitz                 (Germany)



  7-6-1935    Wisła Kraków-SC Chemnitz             7-5  [HT: 0-3]
  7-6-1935    Liersche SK-SC Feijenoord             4-2  [HT: 1-1]

  8-6-1935    AFC Ajax-Offenbacher FC Kickers      2-1  [HT: 1-1]
  8-6-1935    FC Sochaux-Daring Club Bruxelles     2-1  [HT: 1-1]

Semifinals :

  9-6-1935    AFC Ajax-Wisła Kraków                5-3  [HT: 3-1]
  9-6-1935    FC Sochaux-Liersche SK               8-0  [HT: 2-0]

NB: the semifinals were drawn as above on the evening of the 8th; however, on
    matchday, Ajax were told they had to play Sochaux (generally considered
    the strongest side in the tournament) and Liersche would play Wisła; Ajax
    refused to comply and after an hour and a half of discussions the matches
    were played as originally drawn.

Third place match:

 10-6-1935    Liersche SK-Wisła Kraków             3-2  [HT: 1-2]
                [Kotlarczyk 27og, Voorhoof 2-2, Van der Kuylen 3-2; Kopeć 38, Habowski 1-2]

 10-6-1935    AFC Ajax-FC Sochaux                  2-1  [HT: 1-0]
                [Blomvliet 40, 87; A. Abegglen 72]
                [Ajax:  Keizer; Van Diepenbeek, Strijbosch; Gischler, Anderiessen, Van de Puttelaar;
                        Fischer, Ten Have, Blomvliet, Schubert, Mulders;
                 Sochaux: Wagner; Lalloué, Mattler, Finot, Pohan, Lehmann;
                          Courtois, Szabó, Simonyi, A. Abegglen, Belko]

NB: at the prize ceremony, first prize (a big silver cup) was handed to Sochaux and
    second prize (a smaller silver cup) to Liersche; the Ajax players were handed
    bronze medals, which they refused to accept; Sochaux went home with the cup but
    after a few days and mediation by the Belgian FA, Sochaux handed the cup to Ajax.



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