Guinea 1999/2000

The championship was played in two groups and started Nov 28.

Poule A

AS Kaloum [Conakry]
Gangan FC [Kindia]
AS Mineurs [Sangarédi]
Fello Stars [Labé]
Makona [Guéckédou]
Etoile de Guinée [Conakry]
ASFAG [Conakry]

Round 1 [Nov 28]
Kaloum		4-2 Gangan
Mineurs		1-0 Fello Star
Makona		0-2 ASFAG
Etoile bye

Other known results:
Fello Star	0-2 Mineurs
Mineurs		7-2 Gangan
Mineurs		2-1 ASFAG
ASFAG		1-1 Kaloum
Kaloum		3-0 Makona
Kaloum		2-1 Etoile

 1.AS Mineurs (Sangaredi)  3  3  0  0 11- 3  9
 2.AS Kaloum (Conakry)     3  3  0  0  9- 3  9
   Fello Stars (Labé)
   ASFAG (Conakry)
   Etoile Guinée (Conakry)
   Gangan FC (Kindia)
 7.Makona (Guéckédou)      3  0  0  3        0

Poule B

Horoya AC [Conakry]
Baraka SSG [Conakry]
Sankaran FC [Faranah]
Milo FC [Kankan]
Club Olympique Kakandé [Boké]
Club Industriel Kamsar
Hafia FC [Conakry]

Round 1 [Nov 28]
Horoya		2-0 Baraka
Milo		1-0 Sankaran
COK		1-2 CIK
Hafia bye

Other known results:
Hafia		3-1 Baraka
COK		0-2 Hafia
CIK		2-2 Hafia
Baraka		0-3 Horoya
Horoya		1-0 Hafia
CIK		2-1 Horoya
Horoya		2-2 COK
Milo		0-1 COK
Milo		0-3 CIK
Sankaran	1-0 Milo
Sankaran	0-0 Hafia
COK		awd Sankaran	[awarded 3-0]
[Jan 5]
CIK             0-0 COK

 1.Hafia FC (Conakry)
   Horoya AC (Conakry)
   Club Industriel (Kamsar)	[aka CIK]
   Baraka SSG (Conakry)
   Club Olympique Kakandé (Boké)[aka COK]
   Sankaran FC (Faranah)
   Milo FC (Kankan)

Horoya AC won the championship 2000.

Cup Final [Aug 30]
Horoya AC       1-2     Fello Stars Labé

The second level consists of regional leagues.



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