France - Coupe des Clubs Champions d'Outre-Mer 2007

Preliminary Phase

Zone Océan Indien 

Between champions of Mayotte (FC M'tsapéré) and Réunion (US Stade 
Tamponnaise); both matches at Mamoudzou, Mayotte

First Leg [Jun 13]
FC M'tsapéré             0-1 US Stade Tamponnaise
  [Jean Marc Audemar 25]

Second Leg [Jun 16] 
US Stade Tamponnaise     2-3 FC M'tsapéré            [aet, 4-1 pen] 
  [Faro 65, Jimmy Cundasamy 80; Tarmidhe 1, Houdhouna 40pen, Abome 90+]

US Stade Tamponnaise qualify for final tournament.

Zone Pacifique

Between champions of New Caledonia (JS Baco, champions 2006/07) and 
French Polynesia (AS Pirae, champions 2005/06); both matches at stade 
Numa Daly, Nouméa, New Caledonia

First Leg [Jun 27; att: 3,000]
JS Baco                  0-3 AS Pirae
  [Joseph Luénu 27, José Hmaé 48, Valéry Atréwé 55]

Second Leg [Jun 29]
AS Pirae                 2-2 JS Baco
  [José Hmaé 46, Jéremy Dubois 78; Yohann Mercier 10, Fabien Saridjan 60]

AS Pirae qualify for final tournament.

Zone Antilles/Guyane 

[Jun 26]
Etoile                   0-3 Club Franciscain
  [Steeve Gustan, Loïc Lupon, Johan Clémentia]
[Jun 27]
Club Franciscain         3-0 Macouria
  [Johan Clémentia (2), Franciano Etinof]
[Jun 30]
Etoile                   3-1 Macouria   
  [Bourgueil (2), Numa; Hudson Anson]

Final Table:

 1.Club Franciscain             2  2  0  0  6- 0  8  Qualified  (Martinique)
 2.Etoile (Morne-à-l'Eau)       2  1  0  1  3- 4  5  Qualified  (Guadeloupe) 
 3.US Macouria                  2  0  0  2  1- 6  2  (Guyane) 

Final Tournament (Sep 20-23, 2007; Colombes, Paris)

NB: all matches at stade Yves du Manoir de Colombes.

US Stade Tamponnaise (Océan Indien)
AS Pirae (Pacifique)
Club Franciscain (winners Antilles/Guyane)
Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau (runners-up Antilles/Guyane)

Semifinals [Sep 20]
US Stade Tamponnaise     4-1 AS Pirae
Club Franciscain         1-1 Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau    [2-3 pen]
  [Clémentia; Béral]   

Third Place Match [Sep 23]
Club Franciscain         7-2 AS Pirae

Final [Sep 23]
US Stade Tamponnaise     3-0 Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau
  [Vaz 36, Traoré 42, 61]   
USST:   Ledoyen - Deguigné, Audemar, Payet (Bénard 46),
        Rabarivony - Mendy, Cundasamy (Malet 72), Vaz, Farro
        - Fontaine, Traoré (Dequelson 72); trainer: Jean-Pierre
Etoile: Adelaïde - Phaan, Celaure, Farouil, Bourgueil
        (Marsile 64), Vertot, Laurence, Beral, Labuthie,
        Labiche, Lesuperbe; trainer: Jean Dartron.   

NB: the 2007 edition of the tournament is announced to be the 
    last, following a decision on June 22 by the FFF and the
    presidents of the ligues d'Outremer to replace it by a
    tournament involving the DOM/TOM selections instead of 
    their champion clubs.


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