CECAFA Club Championship 1994

In Khartoum.

NB: Silver Strikers of Lilongwe arrived a few days before the start
    of the tournament but were denied entrance by CECAFA General Secretary
    James Tirop (Kenya) for having registered late for the tournament;
    Kenyan side Gor Mahia arrived late for the opening match against
    El Merreikh but were unpunished; Silver Strikers remained in Khartoum
    for a few days in the hope of being allowed to enter but eventually
    returned home frustrated; out of protest Malawi left CECAFA, following
    the earlier example of Zambia and Zimbabwe, and never returned, later
    joining COSAFA instead.

Group A
El Merreikh    1-1 Gor Mahia
Express FC     2-1 Simba SC
El Merreikh    2-1 Express FC
Simba SC       2-0 Gor Mahia
Express FC     1-0 Gor Mahia
El Merreikh    abd Simba SC                [abandoned at 1-2 in 88']
  [Simba players were stoned by supporters; the match was abandoned with
   Merreikh losing 2-1; a replay was ordered, in which Simba, with 5 
   injured players, refused to take part; the replay was then apparently
   awarded to El Merreikh]

 1.El Merreikh     3  2  1  0  3- 2  5  [Sudan]
 2.Express FC      3  2  0  1  4- 3  4  [Uganda]
 3.Simba SC        3  1  0  2  3- 2  2  [Tanzania]
 4.Gor Mahia       3  0  1  2  1- 4  1  [Kenya]
   [NB: without goals that may have been awarded for Merreikh vs Simba]

Group B
El Hilal       1-0 Small Simba
Young Africans 0-0 Mebrat Hail 
Young Africans 2-0 Small Simba
El Hilal       0-0 Mebrat Hail 
El Hilal       1-1 Young Africans
Mebrat Hail    0-2 Small Simba

 1.Young Africans  3  1  2  0  3- 1  4  [Tanzania]
 2.El Hilal        3  1  2  0  2- 1  4  [Sudan]
 3.Small Simba     3  1  0  2  2- 3  2  [Zanzibar]
 4.Mebrat Hail     3  0  2  1  0- 2  2  [Ethiopia]   [aka EELPA]

Young Africans 0-0 Express FC              [4-5 pen]
El Merreikh    n/p El Hilal 
  [El Hilal withdrew in protest to the group A scandal from which their
   local rivals had profited; they insisted on playing group A runners-up
   El-Merreikh instead and were replaced by 3rd placed Small Simba (other
   source list the club as Shanigani)]
El Merreikh    1-0 Small Simba

El Merreikh    2-1 Express FC        
  [Fatah El Rahman Faraq (2)]
  [sent-off in 2nd half: Fatah El Rahman Faraq (Merreikh) and 
                         Abdul Nsubuga (Express)]

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