CECAFA Club Championship 1992

Held in Zanzibar.

Bata Bullets    [Malawi]
El Hilal        [Sudan]
Jamhuri         [Zanzibar]
Rivatex Eldoret [Kenya]
Simba SC        [Tanzania]
Small Simba     [Zanzibar]
Young Africans  [Tanzania]

               F I R S T    R O U N D
                   G R O U P    A

Young Africans SC         - Rivatex FC Eldoret        4-0
Small Simba SC Zanzibar   - Young Africans SC         2-1
Small Simba SC Zanzibar   - Rivatex FC Eldoret        1-0

Small Simba SC Zanzibar and Young Africans SC qualified.

                   G R O U P    B

El Hilal Khartoum         - Jamhuri SC Pemba          3-2
Simba SC Dar es Salaam    - Bata Bullets FC Blantyre  1-0
El Hilal Khartoum         - Bata Bullets FC Blantyre  3-2
Simba SC Dar es Salaam    - Jamhuri SC Pemba          2-0
El Hilal Khartoum         - Simba SC Dar es Salaam    0-0
Bata Bullets FC Blantyre  - Jamhuri SC Pemba          1-0

Simba SC Dar es Salaam and El Hilal Khartoum qualified.

               S E M I  F I N A L S

Simba SC Dar es Salaam    - Small Simba SC Zanzibar   1-0
* Young Africans SC       - El Hilal Khartoum         0-0

* = Young African SC qualified after penalties (10:9).

                      F I N A L

* Simba SC Dar es Salaam  - Young Africans SC         1-1

* = after penalties (5:4).

*** Simba SC Dar es Salaam cup winners ***

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