Pan Arab Games Overview

The Games have been organized only ten times, at intervals ranging from 2 years to 11, since the Arab League first contemplated the idea in 1947. Below an overview of the football tournaments at these games. The 1992 tournament doubled as Arab Championship.


1953    Egypt
1957    Syria
1961    Morocco 
1965    Egypt
1976    Morocco 
1985    Iraq B 
1992    Egypt
1997    Jordan             
1999    Jordan       
2007    Egypt  
2011    Bahrain

Number of Wins

 4 Egypt

 2 Jordan

 1 Bahrain
   Iraq B

Medal and Venue Overview

Nr  Year        Winners       Runners-Up   Third            Venue

 1  1953        Egypt         Syria        Libya            Alexandria, Egypt
 2  1957        Syria         Tunisia      Lebanon          Beirut, Lebanon
 3  1961        Morocco       Egypt        Libya            Casablanca, Morocco 
 4  1965        Egypt         Sudan        Libya            Cairo, Egypt 
 5  1976        Morocco       Saudi Arabia Syria            Damascus, Syria
 6  1985        Iraq B        Morocco      Algeria B        Rabat, Morocco
 7  1992        Egypt Ol.     Saudi Arabia Kuwait           Damascus, Syria 
 8  1997        Jordan        Syria        Lebanon          Beirut, Lebanon
 9  1999        Jordan        Iraq         Libya/Palestine  Amman, Jordan
10  2007        Egypt         Libya        Saudi Arabia     Egypt
11  2011        Bahrain       Jordan       Kuwait           Qatar

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