Algeria (Women) 2022/23

Coupe d'Algérie Féminine

1/16 Finals [Feb-Mar?]
CS Ain Témouchent        1-4 FC Bejaia
AC Biskra                2-0 FA Casbah
DSCAT Canastel          0-16 AFAK Relizane
USF Bejaia              0-11 JF Khroub
AS Evasion Bejaia        4-2 MZ Biskra 
MAB Oran                 2-6 AS Djurdjura Tizi-Ouzou
W. Hassi Messaoud        0-7 CF Akbou
SA Bab Ezzouar           8-0 NE Boiuira
CSASFW Oum El Bouagi     2-2 ALS Batna                [4-3 pen]
CS Constantine           9-0 CFN Boumerdes
RS Tissemsilt            2-3 CVR Blid
ASE Alger Centre        21-0 MS Khroub
AS Oran Centre           2-1 MAJD Batna
AS Intissar Oran        10-0 Amel Beb El Oued
Olympique M'chedallah    0-2 CE Atletic Sétif 
FC Tenčs                 0-0 AR Guelma                [Guelma on pen]  

1/8 Finals [Apr 28]
ASE Alger Centre         1-2 CF Akbou
AFAK Relizane            5-0 SA Bab Ezzouar
AS Djurdjura Tizi-Ouzou  bt  AC Biskra
JF Khroub                4-0 AS Oran Centre 
CSASFW Oum El Bouagi     bt  CVR Blida
AS Evasion Bejaia        bt  CE Atletic Setif 
AS Intissar Oran         lt  CS Contantine
AR Guelma                lt  FC Bejaia
Quarterfinals [May 12,13]
JF Khroub                9-0 AS Evasion Bejaia
AS Djurdjura Tizi-Ouzou 0-11 CS Constantine           
AFAK Relizane            3-1 CF Akbou                 
CSASFW Oum El Bouagi     0-4 FC Bejaia

Semifinals [May 19]
JF Khroub                2-1 AFAK Relizane
FC Bejaia                0-2 CS Constantine

Final [Jun 19]
JF Khroub                0-0 CS Constantine           [4-3 pen]



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