Algeria (Women) 2019/20


Standings at abandonment:

 1.JF Khroub                                  45       Declared Champions
 2.AS Sret Nationale                        40  [C]
 3.AFAK Relizane                              38
 4.ASE Alger Centre                           38
 5.CF Akbou                                   38
 6.ESF Amizour                                31
 7.FC Constantine                             24
 8.FC Bjaa                                  21
 9.AS Oran Centre                             12  [P]
10.AR Guelma                                  10  [P]
11.AS Intissar Oran                            5
12.MZ Biskra                                   3 


1/8 Finals [cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic]
[Mar 13]
FC Constantine            -  ASE Alger Centre
AFAK Relizane             -  JF Khroub
ASD Tizi-Ouzou            -  CF Akbou
MZ Biskra                 -  AS Sret Nationale    
[Mar 14]
FC Bjaa                 -  AR Guelma
Intissar Oran             -  CSA O.E. Bouaghi
N Boumerdes               -  ES Maghania
ASE Bjaa                -  AS Oran Centre  



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