Algeria (Women) 2014/15


Start: Sep 5

Round 6
AS Sûrété Nationale           1-2 AFAK Relizane    
ASE Alger Centre              7-2 USF Béjaïa
FC Béjaïa                     0-0 FC Constantine  
JF Khroub                     3-2 AS Intissar Oran

 1.AFAK Relizane                 18  Champions
 2.ASE Alger Centre              15
 3.AS Sûrété Nationale           15
 4.FC Consantine                  6
 5.JF Khroub                      5
 6.USF Béjaïa                     4
 7.FC Béjaïa                      3
 8.AS Intissar Oran               1     


1/16 Finals [Feb 20,21]
HB Hassi Messaoud             0-2 ASD Tizi Ouzou
AS Oran Centre                3-1 AB Sétif
CSDS Bouhatem                 1-0 Bab el Oued Féminin
ASE Alger Centre              8-0 UMA Djelfa
AFAK Relizane                 8-0 ESF Amizour
WF Taref                      0-3 JD Batna
ASJ khemis Meliana            drw FC Casbah                     [3-5 pen]
AC Biskra                     0-4 MZ 2000 Biskra
ASFW Béjaia                   1-2 COTS Tiaret
MO Khroub                     0-2 Itihade Maouahib Djelfa
ESFOR Tougourt                2-3 FC Béjaia
CFF Akbou                     0-3 JF Khroub
AS Sureté Nationale           8-0 ARTSF Tebessa
USF Béjaia                    2-4 Intissar Oran
CSASW Taref                   drw CSAA Bordj Bou Arreridj       [7-6 pen]
Flambeau Blida                0-5 FC Constantine
1/8 Finals [Mar 13,14]
Itihade Maouahib Djelfa       0-0 FC Casbah                     [Casbah on pen]
JF Khroub                     1-1 AS Oran Centre                [4-5 pen]
AFAK Relizane                 1-1 ASE Alger Centre              [AFAK on pen]
COTS Tiaret                   0-0 MZ 2000 Biskra                [MZ 2000 on pen]
CSDS Bouhatem                 0-5 Intissar Oran
FC Constantine               15-0 JD Batna
CSASW Taref                   0-4 ASD Tizi Ouzou
FC Béjaia                     0-4 AS Sûreté Nationale

Quarterfinals [Apr 4]
MZ 2000 Biskra                5-0 FC Casbah
AS Sûreté Nationale           1-0 AS Oran Centre
Intissar Oran                 5-1 ASD Tizi-Ouzou
FC  Constantine               1-1 AFAK Relizane                 [4-3 pen]
Semifinals [May 2]
AS Sûreté Nationale           1-1 Intissar Oran                 [5-4 pen]
FC Constantine                4-0 MZ 2000 Biskra  

Final [May 15]
AS Sûreté Nationale           0-0 FC Constantine                [3-1 pen]



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