CONCACAF Championship, Gold Cup 1991 - Goal Scorers


 4 - Benjamín GALINDO (Mexico),
 3 - Dale William MITCHELL (Canada), Eduardo BENNETT (Honduras),
     Luis Enrique CALIX (Honduras), Carlos HERMOSILLO Coytortúa (Mexico),
 2 – Marco Antonio ANARIBA (Honduras), Eugenio Dolmo FLORES (Honduras), 
     Roderick REID (Jamaica), Bruce MURRAY (United States), 
     Peter VERMES (United States), Leonson LEWIS (Trinidad & Tobago),
 1 – James Matthew LOWERY (Canada), John LIMNIATIS (Canada),
     Colin MILLER (Canada), Juan Carlos ARGUEDAS (Costa Rica),
     Leonidas Loony FLORES (Costa Rica), Róger Policía GÓMEZ (Costa Rica),
     Claudio JARA (Costa Rica), Hernán MEDFORD Bryant (Costa Rica),
     Luis ESPEL (Guatemala), Juan Carlos ESPINOZA (Honduras),
     Gilberto Jerónimo YEARWOOD (Honduras), Héctor WRIGHT (Jamaica),
     Luis Roberto ALVES dos Santos ‘ZAGUE’ (Mexico),
     José Manuel DE LA TORRE (Mexico), Gonzalo FARFÁN (Mexico), 
     Marcelo BALBOA (United States), John Joseph DOYLE (United States), 
     Brian QUINN (United States), Hugo PÉREZ (United States), 
     Eric Boswell WYNALDA (United States), Alvon THOMAS (Trinidad & Tobago),
own goal – Héctor MARCHENA (Costa Rica) for United States 


12 – Honduras
10 - Mexico, United States
 6 - Canada
 5 – Costa Rica
 3 – Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago
 1 - Guatemala

total  50 goals

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