African Nations Cup 1957

Qualifying Tournament

None was necessary.  There were only four members of the African Football Confederation.

Final Tournament (Khartoum, Sudan)

All matches were played at the Municipal Sports Stadium in Khartoum.

10- 2-57 Egypt          2-1 Sudan
           [Raafat Ateya Helmy 21' pen, Mohammed Diab El-Attar 'El-Diba' 72' / Boraî Ahmed Al-Bashir 58']
           [Egypt: Paraskos Trimeritis 'Brascos', Nour El-Din El-Dali, Mosaad Daoud, Refaat El-Fanagili,
                   Raafat Ateya Helmy, Mohammed Samir Qotb, Ibrahim Tawfiq, Mohammed Diab El-Attar 'El-Diba',
                   Sayed Abou-Bakr 'Baidou', Alaa El-Din Hassanin El-Hamouli, Mohammed Abdel-Fattah 'Hamdi'.]
           [Sudan: Faysal Al-Sayed Ahmed Aly, Osman Sabahi Babakr 'Osman Dim', Boraî Selim,
                   Ibrahim Mohammed Ali 'Ibrahim Kabir', Abbas Al-Hedi Syam, Sayed Mostafa Hassan, Abdullah Jumaa Zarkan*,
                   Boraî Ahmed Al-Bashir, Hassan Yousef Hassan 'Abu Al-Aîla', Seddiq Mohammed Manzul,
                   Ibrahim Ali Kheir-Alla 'El-Jak Agab'.]
           [* some foreign publications give 'Chéri' (probably referring to Al-Sir Khatim Mohammed Ali 'Sirry') 
              instead of Zarkan in the Sudan lineup. Sudanese sources, however, name Zarkan.]
           [Referee: Gebeyehu Doube (Ethiopia).]
           [Attendance: 30000]
           [Note: some sources report the Sudan goal-scorer as Seddiq Mohammed Manzul, but contemporary reports mention
                  that "Seddiq passed the ball to Boraî who scored".]

10- 2-57 Ethiopia       w/o South Africa*
 * South Africa was disqualified because its government's apartheid policy forbade its football
   association from sending a multiracial team.  According to the Sudanese newspaper "El-Rai El-Amm",
   Ethiopia rejected a suggestion that the three remaining teams should play each other in a
   round-robin group, and instead insisted on receiving a bye directly to the final.

15- 2-57 Egypt          4-0 Ethiopia
           [Mohammed Diab El-Attar 'El-Diba' 2' 7' 68' 89']
           [Egypt: Paraskos Trimeritis 'Brascos', Nour El-Din El-Dali, Mosaad Daoud, Refaat El-Fanagili,
                   Hanafi Bastan, Mohammed Samir Qotb, Ibrahim Tawfiq, Mohammed Diab El-Attar 'El-Diba',
                   Raafat Ateya Helmy, Alaa El-Din Hassanin El-Hamouli, Mohammed Abdel-Fattah 'Hamdi'.]
           [Ethiopia: Gila-Michael Tekle Mariam, Adale Tekle Selassie, Girmaye Fikre Mariam, Mohammed Ibrahim,
                      Ayele Tessema, Adamu Alemu, Netsere Wolde Selassie, Zewde Samuel, Kebede Metaferia,
                      Asefaw Berhane, Tekeste Goitom.]
           [Referee: Mohammed Youssef (Sudan).]
           [Attendance: 30000]
           [Notes: the third goal is also reported at 80'.  It is also reported that Berhe Tekle Mariam played
                   instead of Girmaye Fikre Mariam, or that Abraha Bayrou played instead of Tekeste Goitom.
                   The lineup given above is from the match report in "El-Rai El-Amm".]

Top scorer : Mohammed Diab El-Attar 'El-Diba' (Egypt), 5 goals

Post-tournament friendly match
17- 2-57 Sudan          3-4 Egypt
           [Zaki Saleh El-Asati, Seddiq Mohammed Manzul, Abdel-Rahman Fadl Al-Moula 'Al-Iseed' / 
            Ibrahim Tawfiq, Mohammed Diab El-Attar 'El-Diba', Mohammed Abdel-Fattah 'Hamdi', (4th goal unknown)]
Note: this match was staged in order to cover the financial losses incurred due to the non-participation of South Africa.


 Delegate: Hussein Hegazi
 Coach: Mourad Fahmy
 Players: Paraskos Trimeritis 'Brascos'* (GK) (Al-Qanah), Ali Bakr (GK) (Zamalek), Mosaad Daoud (Olympic), 
          Nour El-Din El-Dali (Zamalek), Sayed El-Arabi (Teram), Refaat El-Fanagili (Al-Ahly), 
          Hanafi Bastan [capt.**] (Zamalek), Raafat Ateya Helmy (Al-Ittihad, Alexandria), Mohammed Samir Qotb (Olympic),
          Ibrahim Tawfiq (Tanta), Alaa El-Din Hassanin El-Hamouli (Zamalek), Sayed Abou-Bakr 'Baidou' (Ismaily), 
          Mohammed Abdel-Fattah 'Hamdi' (Tersana), Mohammed Diab El-Attar 'El-Diba' (Al-Ittihad, Alexandria),
          Abdou-Wahab Selim (Al-Masry).

 ** 'El-Diba' was captain vs Sudan.

 Note: an additional player, Ahmed Selim (Zamalek), was named in the provisional squad list but did not travel to Sudan.

 Players: Gila-Michael Tekle Mariam^ (GK) (Adoulis, Asmara), Adale Tekle Selassie (St George),
          Adamu Alemu (Metchial), Zewde Samuel (St George), Ayele Tessema (Metchial), Girmaye Fikre Mariam (Hamasien),
          Netsere Wolde Selassie (St George), Asefaw Berhane# (Hamasien), Wendimu Feyessa (Metchial),
          Kebede Metaferia (Metchial), Tekeste Goitom (Hamasien), Amanuel Kidane Mariam (Hamasien),
          Mohammed Ibrahim (Hamasien), Yonasse Berhane (Metchial), Abraha Bayrou (Omedla).

 ^ several variations of this name were found, e.g. Gila-Michael Tesfa Mariam, Gila-Michael Bahta, Gila Amde Michael.
 # also spelled as Asefaw Berhe.

 Note: a squad list published in "El-Rai El-Amm" listed Mebrahtu instead of Abraha; it is unclear whether this was an error,
       as the only known player named Mebrahtu was a goalkeeper, whereas the newspaper suggested the player in question was a

 Coach: József Háda (Hungary)
 Players: Faysal Al-Sayed Ahmed Aly (GK) (Al-Merreikh), Osman Sabahi Babakr 'Osman Dim' (Al-Hilal Omdurman),
          Boraî Selim (Al-Nil Khartoum), Ibrahim Mohammed Ali 'Ibrahim Kabir' (Al-Ahly Khartoum),
          Abbas Al-Hedi Syam (Al-Hilal Omdurman), Sayed Mostafa Hassan (Al-Ahly Wad Madany),
          Al-Sir Khatim Mohammed Ali 'Sirry' (Al-Merreikh), Boraî Ahmed El-Bashir (Al-Merreikh),
          Hassan Yousef Hassan 'Abu Al-Aîla' (Al-Merreikh), Seddiq Mohammed Manzul (Al-Hilal Omdurman),
          Ibrahim Ali Kheir-Alla 'El-Jak Agab' [capt.] (Al-Ittihad Baharia), Mansour Romdane (Al-Merreikh),
          Abdullah Jumaa Zarkan+ (Al-Mourada), Omar Osman (Al-Mourada), Wadhik Osman Al-Gilani (Al-Nil Khartoum).

 Note: The 15 players named above comprise the squad list as published in "El-Rai El-Amm".  In retrospective 
       Sudanese articles posted online, the following additional players are sometimes included in an inflated list
       (presumably a provisional squad which was later reduced): Giorgios Lengis* (GK) (Al-Merreikh),
       Skandros Minas* (GK) (Al-Nil Khartoum), Ahmed Mutawakil Mohammed El-Bashir (Al-Merreikh),
       Zaki Saleh El-Asati (Al-Hilal Omdurman), Abdou Babiker Osman Santo (Al-Ittihad Wad Madany),
       Abdel-Rahman Fadl Al-Moula 'Al-Iseed' (Al-Ahly Khartoum).

 * These three goalkeepers were all of Greek origin. Greek merchants played a part in the development of football in all three of these nations.
   The Greek football club in Alexandria (called Yunan by the Egyptians), and Olimpiakos in Addis Ababa played in the first divisions of Egypt
   and Ethiopia until the fifties, while the Greek football club in Khartoum played in the international football league in Sudan (with 
   expatriate teams of British, Armenian, Syrian and Egyptians).

 + Zarkan had emigrated to Saudi Arabia along with many Sudanese players who were given jobs by the wealthy owners of Saudi clubs eager to
   promote football. During the off-season he returned to Sudan to play for Mourada, and was selected for the Nations Cup.  He then returned
   to Saudi Arabia and later that year he was selected to play for Saudi Arabia in the Arab Cup (there were only two Saudis in that squad,
   the rest were immigrants, mainly Sudanese).

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