Copa Gran Almirante Pedro Luis Brion

Tournament played on 5 occasions between the cup winners of Curaçao (Kopa Fedeprof, which was held as a separate tournament only once, in 1979, and awarded to the best club in the regular season (before the playoffs) from 1980 to 1984) and the cup winners of Venezuela.


1979    Deportivo Galicia (Venezuela)  3-1 2-2 Jong Colombia (Curaçao)
1980/81 Atlético Zamora (Venezuela)    4-2 1-1 Jong Holland (Curaçao)
1981/82 Deportivo Galicia (Venezuela)      2-2 Jong Holland (Curaçao)         [3-2 pen]
1982/83 Deportivo Táchira (Venezuela)  1-0 2-0 Undeba (Curaçao)
1983/84 Atlético Zamora (Venezuela)    1-1 1-0 SUBT (Curaçao)
1984/85   discontinued


[Nov 28, 1979, Sentro Deportivo Korsou, Brievengat]
Jong Colombia           1-3 Deportivo Galicia       
[Dec 5, 1979, Caracas]
Deportivo Galicia       2-2 Jong Colombia           


[May 24, 1981, Barinas]
Atlético Zamora         4-2 Jong Holland            [half-time 3-0]
[Jun 7, 1981]
Jong Holland            1-1 Atlético Zamora
  [Norwin Goeloe 82; Juan Domingo López 88]


NB: Deportivo Galicia refused to host Jong Holland, so it was decided to play
    for the trophy over a single match in Curaçao.

[Apr 28, 1982, Sentro Deportivo Korsou, Brievengat; att: 1349]
Jong Holland            2-2 Deportivo Galicia       [no extra time; 2-3 pen]
  [Deportivo Galicia refused to play extra time (as arranged before in case of
   a tie) in protest to the refereeing; one of their players had been sent off]


NB: played over two matches in one weekend in Venezuela.

[Sep 17, 1983, San Cristóbal]
Deportivo Táchira       1-0 Undeba 
[Sep 18, 1983, San Cristóbal]
Deportivo Táchira       2-0 Undeba 


[May 19, 1984]
SUBT                    1-1 Atlético Zamora
  [Rudolph Sambo 9; Marco Antonio 53]
[May 26, 1984, Barinas]
Atlético Zamora         1-0 SUBT 


Jong Holland qualified by winning the regular season 1984 in Curaçao but as the
cup competition in Venezuela was not played, the tournament was discontinued.

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Sources: Amigoe (Curaçao newspaper), Últimas Noticias, El Universal and El Nacional (Venezuelan newspapers)

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