Joseph Gaetjens - International Appearances

The outstanding Haitian player played for two National Teams. All matches are friendlies unless stated otherwise.

Contrary to what is occasionally published, Joseph Nicolas "Joe" Gaetjens was not born from a Belgian father nor was he of Belgian descent. Both his parents were born in Haiti; his father Edmond may have possessed a German passport as Joe's grandfather Thomas had emigrated from northern Germany to Haiti in the nineteenth century.

Gaetjens, who studied in New York, was entitled to play for the USA by virtue of possessing the so called "First Papers", a type of visa for people intending to become US citizens (which Gaetjens eventually never did, as after a short professional adventure in France after the 1950 World Cup he returned to Haiti in 1953).

By scoring the only goal in the match against England, Gaetjens was responsible for arguably the greatest shock result in the history of the World Cup.

Born: 19- 3-1924 at Port-au-Prince 
Died: probably in July 1964 in Port-au-Prince


Caps    Date     Venue          Opponent           Score    Competition

  1   2- 4-1944  Willemstad     Curaçao             0-5
  2   5- 4-1944  Willemstad     Venezuela           0-2
  -   8- 4-1944  Willemstad     Aruba               1-1
  3  27-12-1953  Port-au-Prince Mexico              0-4     World Cup Qualifier

NB: the three matches in Willemstad were part of a four-nations tournament organised by the
    N.A.V.B. (the war-time union of the federations of Curaçao (C.V.B.) and Aruba (A.V.B.),
    of which only the former were F.I.F.A. members).
United States

Caps    Date     Venue          Opponent           Score    Competition

  1  25- 6-1950  Curitiba       Spain               1-3     World Cup
  2  29- 6-1950  Belo Horizonte England             1-0     World Cup
  3   2- 7-1950  Recife         Chile               2-5     World Cup

Goals for United States

Cap 2  1 goal
Total  1 goal

Total Record

Matches  Won  Draw  Lost  For  Against  Points  Percentage
     6     1     0     5     4- 19        2      16.67  (overall)
     3     0     0     3     0- 11        0       0.00  (Haiti)
     3     1     0     2     4-  8        2      33.33  (United States)

Types of Matches
World Cup               3  (3 United States)
World Cup Qualifier     1  (1 Haiti)
Friendlies              2  (2 Haiti)

Total                   6  (3 United States, 3 Haiti) 

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