Matches are sorted by continent, and then chronologically; if both teams were from the same 
continent, the match is listed in the section for that continent. If the teams were from 
different continents, the match is listed in the 'Intercontinental' section. Also, there is a
section of unofficial international matches, named 'Other Matches'.

Tournaments (with link to relevent RSSSF page):

Tournaments | Europe.

None (all matches were friendlies).

EUROPE Tournaments | Europe. Details. Date Venue Team 1 Score Team 2 Competition Notes 30/11/1872 Glasgow Scotland 0-0 England 08/03/1873 London England 4-2 Scotland 07/03/1874 Glasgow Scotland 2-1 England 06/03/1875 London England 2-2 Scotland 04/03/1876 Glasgow Scotland 3-0 England 25/03/1876 Glasgow Scotland 4-0 Wales 03/03/1877 London England 1-3 Scotland 05/03/1877 Wrexham Wales 0-2 Scotland 02/03/1878 Glasgow Scotland 7-2 England 23/03/1878 Glasgow Scotland 9-0 Wales 18/01/1879 London England 2-1 Wales 05/04/1879 London England 5-4 Scotland 07/04/1879 Wrexham Wales 0-3 Scotland 13/03/1880 Glasgow Scotland 5-4 England 15/03/1880 Wrexham Wales 2-3 England 27/03/1880 Glasgow Scotland 5-1 Wales



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