Latest on the Dinamo Kiev scandal

According to the Spanish referee Lopez Nieto, two officials of
Dinamo Kiev offered him 30.000 USD and two fur coats on the 
13th of September, before the match against Panathinaikos.

According to Dinamo Kiev, Lopez Nieto had wanted to buy the
coats, but had refused to pay the bill upon delivery at the 

Dinamo has appealed against the punishment (exclusion of the
club from European tournaments for three years (including the
current 1995/96 season)).  The protest will be heard on
Sunday, September 24.

The place of Dinamo has been assigned to AaB of Aalborg,
Denmark, who had lost 1-4 on aggregate to Dinamo in the
preliminary round.

Mon 25 Sep:

Dinamo has lost the appeal, AaB takes their place and the
original punishment is maintained.

Fri 19 Apr (1996):

UEFA lifted the ban - official reason: "to give football in
the Ukraine a chance to develop".  Interpretation in Kiev:
"a recognition of our innocence".